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Manufacturer latex foam mattresses and pillows and latex cushion products.

          Laytex(Thailand) Co.,Ltd  is 100% natural latex foam manufacturer, our factory are located in Pattani and Samutsakorn province,Thailand. Our products are 100% natural latex foam for mattresses, pillows and cushioning products services to bedding industry, furniture industry and others related industry.

          With international standard of quality, Laytex brand are well-know brand in the nationwide and exports our quality products worldwide. 

Company Overview

Company :                               Laytex (Thailand) Co.,Ltd

Contact Address :                  22/3 Moo 6 Rama 2 Road  Muang District Samutsakorn                 

                                                  Province Post code 74000 Thailand 

                                                  Telephone: 66 34 833164

                                                   Facsimile: 66 34 833876


Year of Established :              1971   

Technical Information :          Specialise in manufacturing of 100% Natural Latex Foam,   

                                                   Mattress & Pillows, Latex foam coating on fabric, Carpet

                                                   underlay and Re-Bonded latex Foam

Product Line :                          100% Natural latex foam for Bedding and Furniture            


                                                  100% Natural latex foam Pillows

                                                   Latex foam coating, Latex foam roll sheet 

                                                  Agglomerated latex foam (Re-Bonded foam)

                                                  Carpet Underlay

Company Turnover :              10 Million US Dollar (Average annual growth 15%)

Market presence :                  OEM Domestic (Thailand and South East Asia)   

                                                  OEM Export oversea

                                                  Domestic Retailing (Thailand and South East Asia)

Company Milestone

Since 1952
Long history which never end

1952 Company started producing concentrated natural latex, the first concentrated latex factory in Thailand.

1960 Company started producing latex products such as balloons, toys, rubber band and medical latex gloves.

1963 Company started producing 100% natural latex foam for furniture cushion and motorcycle seats in reply to the increasing demands while reducing and finally stopping the production of latex gloves, balloon and rubber toys.

1970 Company started producing 100% latex foam mattresses. Under the brand name, PATEX

1978 Company started producing 100% natural latex pillows in soap shape (Oval model) ,latex bolster and latexfoam sheet.

1980 Continuous process and machines has been used in production line.

1991 Company started expanded to the production of latex foam sheet by coating latex on textile and other materials. Latex foam sheet and roll sheet are using by mattresses and furniture manufacturer. While our carpet underlay specification are becomes industrial standard for the market.

1999 The company relocated to a 36,000-square- metre facility to support its growing business in latex mattress cores, furniture cushions, pillows, mattress toppers, latex foam sheet and carpet underlay.

2001 Company started using “Slice machine” to produce very thin latex sheet in any thickness. This super thin foam are using as comfort layer in spring mattresses.

2002 Convoluted profile cutting machine was installed. The egg crate pad are using as a comfort layer on the top of the mattress, to provide body comfort and reduce pressure points.

2002 Computerized foaming machine was installed in the production process, creating a consistent latex foam product.

2003 Agglomerated latex foam facilities were building and starting to produce “Re-bonded latex foam sheet” by using the waste of latex foam from customize cutting state. This production process can produce very firm latex foam core with lower cost.

2007 The continuous process, carousel, was changing company’s production ability and capacity. By this process, making our company is the largest 100% natural latex manufacturer in Thailand. 350,000 pillows are spread out around the globe every year.

Presence, PATEX has historically offered its
customers an array of latex foam mattresses and pillows,
in a wide variety of sizes and densities, facilitating the creation of both new and customized products.